About UHDP

United Health & Development Program (UHDP) is a non government organization (N.G.O.) based in Kenya and provides health care services, to the community.
We highly believe in assisting and empowering the less fortunate in the society by enhancing their health and livelihood.

Our Contacts

P.O BOX 79219-00200 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-20-3755111
Mobiles: +254-722-722 105, +254-733-541 708
E-mail: info@uhdprogram.org

Alcohol & Drug Abuse

United Health and Development Program assist providing homeopathic medicine treatment

The UNITED HEALTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM was officially registered by the NGO Coordination Board, Kenya. It is formed with an aim of undertaking initiatives that assist people with drug addiction to achieve self reliance and full community integration through provision of homeopathic medicine treatment.

Through homeopathic medicine, we can be able to assist a patient to go through the withdrawal symptoms and completely become independent of the drugs and other substance abuse.

Homeopathic medicines have been proven and have the potency (efficacy) particularly for the drugs abuse/drug poisoning e.g. alcohols (dipsomania), heroin, cocaine, cannabis, tobacco smoking, tobacco chewing, miraa, side effects of the continuous taken prescribed (or without prescription) medicines etc.

We have different homeopathic medicines to curb/finish the “craving” for different drugs. These remedies can also treat the mental/ physical ailments after the drug abuse e.g. –

• Violent anger or irritability that can lead to criminal activities.
• Suspicious & hatred behavior.
• Anxiety (hurried always)
• Fears.
• Insomnia.
• Delusions.
• Weak Memory.
• No desire for work.
• Excessive talking.
• Digestive disorders.
• Tired easily.
• Sexual problems.
• Gynecological problems.
• Nose bleeding.
• Oedema.
• Stammering.
• Trembling hands, lips etc.
• Damage of the vital-organs e.g. liver, kidneys, lungs, eyes etc.
• Lack of concentration/confidence.
• Skin problems.
• Suicidal tendency.
• Absence of warmth in social contacts etc.

U.H.D.P. provides homeopathic medicine treatment to my needy constituents to curb/ finish the “craving” for different drugs. The organization helps curing the mental/ physical ailments (side-effects) after the drug abuse. Medical services are provided to those, who are unable to access the services due to affordability. Its impact has been felt in the society.

U.H.D.P. is assisting with homeopathic medicine treatment to the needy people suffering from drug abuse, who are unable to access the services due to affordability.

To contact us, email at info@uhdprogram.org