About UHDP

United Health & Development Program (UHDP) is a non government organization (N.G.O.) based in Kenya and provides health care services, to the community.
We highly believe in assisting and empowering the less fortunate in the society by enhancing their health and livelihood.

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P.O BOX 79219-00200 Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254-20-3755111
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E-mail: info@uhdprogram.org

Children's Disability

uhdp wheelchair

NO CURE? : According to the conventional medical (allopathic) doctors and the information available on internet, there is no medical treatment for children’s conditions mentioned below. It has been observed that several organizations work for intellectually challenged persons. However none of them have found tangible long term medical treatment for them. United Health & Development Program has evidence and data that we have provided treatment with “HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES” to the persons, who suffer from conditions/sickness i.e.–

Autism, Hyperactivity, Cerebral palsy, Fears, Down’s syndrome, Screaming, Epileptic convulsions, Stubborn behavior, Slow learning, Sickly weak, Speech loss, Communication impairment, Angers violent, Concentration difficult, Salivation excessive, Swallowing difficulties or chocking , Bed wetting, Sickle cells etc.

The number of children with disabilities is increasing day by day. The reason is lack of “curative treatment”. We therefore make a fervent appeal to you to consider making the lives of children living with disabilities better by sponsoring these children to access homeopathic treatment. We seek to incorporate your support in reaching out to these children. They also undergo a myriad of medical complications. The stark and startling reality is that a majority number of patients with disability die due to the neglect, persistent complications and depression. Others end up in wheel-chair for the rest of their lives.

If you use that money (equal to buy a wheel chair) to treat a child with homeopathic medicines, in most cases “he will not need a wheel-chair” in future. According to our clinical experience it can take 1 to 3 years, continuous long term treatment (depending on the complications), to make the child stronger and healthier.

If a child of age over 1 year, is too weak to stand on his own, limbs are weak, cannot walk, stand or hold things, if he is a cerebral palsy child, neck weak to hold his head straight, lack of eye contact, loss of hearing or speech, he should be treated with homeopathic medicines.

Spastic muscles or stiff joints can be treated with the homeopathic medicines that work from within to make the muscles and tendons normal, healthier and stronger.

At UHDP, we have different programs targeting the disabled in the community. Our aim of undertaking initiative, is to assist children with disability (physically and mentally) to achieve independence, self reliance and full community integration through provision of homeopathic medicine treatment, without having any side-effects.

Due to poor financial condition of the parents, they can not continue the treatment of their children. The survival of adults is hinged on clinical therapy which hitherto remains a dream. Nevertheless, due to the high poverty levels, the astronomical costs that they incur in medication coupled with the fact that most of them depend on their parents and guardians, accessing these desperately needed intervention is close to impossible.

UHDP has a team of qualified and experienced homeopathic doctors. Mental & physical problems which are incurable with other systems of medicine, we have seen wonderful improvements in couple of months with homeopathic treatment. Already U.H.D.P. is treating children from various “special” schools and organizations. The biggest challenge is lack of funds for the treatment.

To contact us, email at info@uhdprogram.org