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There is an entire system of alternative medicine that has been proven effective in epidemics and regular practice when orthodox medicine has failed. We know this alternate, holistic system, “HOMEOPATHY” has far and away the best tools (medicines) available to treat AIDS, especially when coupled with sound dietary and other natural hygienic programs.

AIDS is a complex disease caused by a virus known as HTLV-III (human T-cell lymphotropic virus type -III). HTLV-III is one of a family of retroviruses associated with human diseases. HTLV-III attacks certain cells in the human immune system, leaving patients vulnerable to “opportunistic” infections. AIDS causes a decrease in the total number of lymphocytes (immunity cells).

AIDS is usually spread by sexual contact. About 70 percent of AIDS victims have been sexually active homosexual or bisexual men. Heterosexual contacts of AIDS patients can also develop the disease. AIDS spreads more easily in anal intercourse, which often involves tearing of tissue that would allow an entry point for the virus into the blood stream. Having sex with multiple partners increases the danger dramatically. The virus can also be transmitted by transfusion of blood. Intravenous drug users are at high risk, when they share needles. The disease is not spread by casual contact with infected persons. The incubation period for AIDS is usually several months to two and a half years but can be longer than five years. A person exposed to the virus may never develop AIDS but may be a carrier.

These tiny viruses (HIV/AIDS), now thought to number from 15 to over 120 distinct mortal forms. Part of the problems encountered in treating AIDS is that it is a viral infection. For example Colds (flu) are thought to spring from over 100 different viruses, so finding an “anti-viral” remedy that will treat all of them (viruses) has befuddled orthodox medicine. This is because “allopathy” (conventional medicine) approaches disease and their treatment by analyzing the etiology (external cause) and pathogenesis (path and progress) of sickness. Herpes is a second example, caused by 5 viruses, which in some ways is similar to retroviruses. On the other hand, Homeopathy can treat successfully common colds and herpes that you may never have heard about.

AIDS RELATED COMPLEX: The HIV and AIDS related complex (A.R.C.) is characterized by swelling and disease of lymph nodes; recurring flu symptoms; fatigue and malaise; loss of weight; loss of appetite; fever; night sweats; diarrhea (often due to amebiasis); in some cases an abnormal decrease of red blood platelets accompanied by hemorrhages into the skin, mucous membranes, or other organs with an unknown cause. And a wide susceptibility to other bacterial, fungal or viral infections such as oral thrush; Herpes Zoster (inflamed blisters along the course of the skin nerves); small skin tumor, and pimples containing pus. The viruses also infect the brain and spinal cord and cause acute meningitis.

DEMENTIA: is the most common, irrecoverable mental deterioration  and devastating neurological complications of AIDS. These patients may also develop spastic paraplegia (paralysis of the legs and lower part of the body), ataxia and diseases of nerves etc.

It can cause Candida albicans (yeast infections), Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, and Legionnaire’s disease; Eye disease (particularly the retina); cancers like Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of tongue, cancer of rectum, Kaposi’s sarcoma etc.


Because of the complexity of the disease, the search for an effective AIDS treatment has had to move in three directions at once :-

(1). Finding and testing drugs that will stop the growth of HTLV-III.

(2). Developing a means of rebuilding the victim’s immune system.

(3). Improving the treatment of the cancers and the infections that follow the breakdown of the immune system.

AIDS TREATMENT: A major hurdle in treating AIDS is to find a compound that will kill the virus or infected host cells without destroying uninfected host cells. The problem lies in the nature of viruses. Unlike free-living bacteria, which has the capacity to multiply on their own, viruses can only produce inside living cells. Viruses carry their own genetic code but need biochemical functions provided by the ‘host’ cell to produce new viruses. HTLV-III has a particular linking for a subclass of lymphocytes called T-cells, blood cells that are responsible for initiating and regulating immune functions in the human body. The continuous use of strong medicines causes serious side-effects.

To the allopaths (conventional doctors) a “side-effect” is an undesirable characteristic of the drug. But to the homeopaths, all the drug-actions are important. The primary effects are the “drug-symptoms” (including the side-effects) to be matched to the “patient-symptoms” to be treated with that particular drug. In this manner homeopaths make the treatment specific to the individual.

Homeopathic remedies have been successfully and quickly treating virus caused diseases for nearly two centuries. In homeopathy, the “symptoms” of AIDS and ARC (AIDS Related Complex) patients are extremely important to the homeopathic doctor. For treating AIDS the homeopath must make the remedies “specific” for each patient according to his symptoms and not rely upon the disease name.

If we truly want to help the AIDS / ARC patients rebuild the patients damaged immune system. AIDS can largely be treated with existing Homeopathic remedies. These remedies work by stimulating the body’s own heeling power (immune system). These remedies have anti-viral effects without having any side-effects and should be prescribed by a physician who can track the patient’s progress. Constitutional remedies are selected based on totality of the symptoms of the patient. Homeopathic remedies are always safe, always effective.